Welcome to the Learning Right Kiddies Centre

Published: Monday, 05 May 2014


Learning Right Kiddies Centre aims to facilitate children's language, motor, cognitive, sensory, social and emotional development within a safe and supportive environment, through the use of play. We are dedicated to providing learners with a solid foundation of skills, positive self esteem, school-readiness that will enable them to become confident and competent students in formal school.


Our aim is to provide a quality standard of school-readiness program in a stimulating, vibrant and enjoyable atmospheres. We dedicate ourselves to create, advance and enhance positive childhood and future productive citizens.


Our concepts involves:

  • The transfer of life skills,
  • Development of positive behavioral patterns and discipline,
  • to positively influence and stimulate growth and development,
  • Personalised attention to learners.
  • Curriculum offers a well balanced learning experience.
  • Our experienced and well trained staff.
  • We offer balanced meals.
  • Exposure to learners through practical experiences, excursions and outings
  • Our location - Central
  • The only Early Childhood Development Centre in the CBD that offers English as medium of instruction.
  • Our facilities are rated premium personal safety and security of learners and staff.
  • A combination of various services offers a 'one stop' service to parents.
  • Our reasonable fee structure compares well with that of other similar institutions.¬†